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What the Truth in Selling is Not!

I find it is helpful sometimes to understand the definition of a word or phrase by what is doesn’t mean. I’m sure that buyers have experienced some or all of the following situations or traits when the truth in selling is not practiced.

First, it is does not involve deception which to mislead or misrepresent the truth verbally or written. Buyers typically experience this when claims about a product or service seem too good to be true.  Second, it does not involve flattery which is to praise excessively out of self-interest typically lacking sincerity.  Third, it does not involve self-promotion or boasting which is doing and saying things to the benefit of self, versus the client or employer. This is easily identified because the word “I” is prominent in their speech.

Finally, it is not arrogance which an attitude of superiority in all that they do. Today, buyers simply desire sales professionals who are willing to serve their needs.



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