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must-win deal coaching
build sales pipeline

​​​How to Proactively Create New Deals 



Just providing a list of companies for your sellers to pursue is a waste of time and resources that yields minimal success. This workshop is designed to help sellers apply the science of selling to create new opportunities by leveraging existing relationships and developing new relationships. Sellers will be equipped with a four-step methodology to leverage existing relationships and a proven hunting methodology – EQ2S CASTSTM to identify, prioritize, and pursue new relationships with the most profitable prospects financially and relationally.


Performance Impact:

●  Create new opportunities leveraging existing relationships and building new relationships’

●  Build a sales pipeline of quality opportunities

●  Improve win rates

●  Acquire quality new business

●  Improve deal selection & qualification

●  Achieve a better sales return on investment (ROI)


Key Deliverables:                         

●  Create your company’s ideal client profile

●  Create a prioritized list of prospective clients

●  Identify your ideal client target audience and intriguing topic

●  Four Step Methodology leveraging existing relationships to create new business

●  CASTSTM Methodology to build new relationships and create new business

●  How to prepare and execute a gain entry strategy


Grow Existing Accounts – Strategic Account Planning for Existing Accounts



Specifically designedfor account teams that are struggling to grow existing accounts and/or gain entry into new buying centers 


Performance Impact:               

Account revenue growth, increased profit margins, expanded client relationships, entry into new buying centers, and re-energized account team


Key Deliverables:                      

 A practical and executable plan to gain entry into new buying centers that includes:

  • Identifying new buying centers

  • Identifying the primary target audience

  • Crafting a message that intrigues or provokes the primary target audience

  • Constructing a practical plan to gain entry

  • Simulations to practice the call/meeting with the primary target audience 

  • Pre & Post call/meeting coaching session


How to Win More Deals  - Deal Management Fundamentals 



Designed to fill the gap of poor deal execution and performance by providing the proven fundamentals, structure and discipline needed to effectively run and manage a deal  


Performance Impact:               

Improved win rates & quota attainment, more disciplined deal selection & qualification,  increased deal size, increased sales revenue, more efficient deal cycles, enhanced deal consistency & quality, reduced client acquisition costs, effective use of deal resources


Key Deliverables:                       

A practical guide to smartly manage a deal that includes:

  • Fundamentals of sales methodology

  • Mapping the clients buying process 

  • Key activities for each deal stage

  • Creating a deal vision and sales objective template

  • Assembling the right team

  • Deal Strategy


Uncovering a Clients Political Landscape - Stop Losing Deals to Your Invisible Adversary 



Designed to uncover a client’s unseenpolitical landscape which includes the base of power, competitor sympathizers, and internal supporters revealing who is really making and/or influencing the decision.


Performance Impact:               

Improved win rates, expanded client network & relationships, differentiated competitive positioning, delivering more impactful & differentiated value propositions, more disciplined deal selection & qualification, 


Key Deliverables:                       

A practical method to map the client’s political landscapethat includes:

  • Organization chart with political landscape/base of power identified

  • Relationship plans for key players in the decision process


Select the Right Strategy - Competitive Strategies to Beat the Competition 



Designed to fill a very common performance gap of sales pursuits which lack a proven deal strategy to beat the competition.  Too many sales pursuits employ “hope” as a competitive strategy or ignore it altogether.


Performance Impact:               

Improved win rates, identification of competitive insights & patterns for future deals, effective use of sales resources, increased deal size, improved deal selection & qualification discipline


Key Deliverables:                       

A practical method to assess and select the most effective strategy to beat the competition which includes:

  • Four proven competitive strategies

  • Methods to gather competitive intelligence

  • Plans to execute a competitive strategy

How to Craft Deal Win Themes - Appeal to the Emotional Criteria of Your Buyer



Clients employ both intellectual and emotionalcriteria when making decisions.  Too often sales pursuits only focus on the intellectual criteria – the solution.  This workshop was specifically designed to help sales teams thoughtfully address the client’s emotional criteria – business & personal agenda/ambitions.


Performance Impact:               

Improved win rates, differentiated competitive positioning,improved relationship with key decision maker & influencers, improved understanding of decision criteria, improved political alignment and create timely pursuit momentum


Key Deliverables:                       

A practical method to thoughtfully craft win themes which include:

  • Identifying your company’s unique forms of differentiation

  • Crafting 3-5-win themes that resonate emotionally with the key decision maker to be used in your proposal, RFP response & orals

Differentiate & Quantify - How to Craft a Compelling Value Proposition 



Designed to the fill the gap that continues to increase in which buyers are finding that it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to evaluate the value of competing vendors, while sellers are finding it increasingly more challenging to articulate and distinguish their value.


Performance Impact:               

Win new business, improved win rates, increased sales revenue, reduced client acquisition costs, effective use of sales resources, increased deal size, differentiated competitive positioning, delivering more impactful & differentiated value propositions


Key Deliverables:                       

This workshop provides a practical method that includes: 

  • method

  • process  

  • templates 

needed to craft a compelling value proposition to help distinguish your company’s unique value 

Must-Win Deal Coaching Thoughtful Application of the Science and Art of Selling



Working alongside your deal team throughout each phase of the deal cycle, we provide practical methods, guidance & insights by:

  • Asking thought provoking questions

  • Providing a client perspective

  • Shaping the Value Proposition

  • Shaping Win Themes

  • Preparing for Orals Discussion

  • Shaping Executive Summaries

  • Selecting Competitive Strategies


Performance Impact:               

Win new business, quota achievement, improved win rates, accelerated sales cycle, increased sales revenue, reduced attrition rates, differentiated competitive positioning, delivering more impactful & differentiated value propositions, improved relationship with key decision maker & influencers, improved understanding of decision criteria, improved political alignment and create timely pursuit momentum, effective use of sales resources, more disciplined deal selection & qualification.


Key Deliverables:                       

Includes the following for each phase of the sales cycle:


Discover Phase 

  • Facilitate deal kick off meeting

  • Deal Qualification to identify can we win

  • RFP Review to identify key decision criteria

Define Phase

  • Crafting Value Propositions that differentiate 

  • Crafting Win Themes to articulate key messaging

  • Mapping the Political Landscape to identify key players with influence

  • Uncover the formal and informal decision process

  • Competitive Strategy to inoculate the competition

Confirm Phase

  • Uncover potential deal breakers (T&C’s)

  • Closure Plan

  • Pricing Strategy

  • Solution Strategy


Creating-Structuring-Winning Larger More Complex Deals


Struggling to grow revenue at the pace desired? Sales Vice Presidents should ask themselves this question "Do I have the talent to open, manage & close larger more complex deals to propel my organization forward, fill the gap and help grow revenue?" If not, this interactive and practical workshop is designed to help develop the skills and talent needed to create, structure and win larger more complex deals.


Performance Impact:               

●  Build the skills and talent needed to win larger more complex deals

●  Improve win rate

●  Increase in the average deal size

●  Outfoxing the competition creating sole source deals

●  Help fill the sales revenue gap


Key Deliverables:                       

●  How create new opportunities leveraging existing relationships and developing new relationships

●  Understanding the typical lifecycle of a larger more complex deal

●  Understanding the role & responsibilities of a large deal pursuit leader

●  How to manage internal stakeholders

●  The art and science of presenting an RFP response

●  Negotiating strategies

●  Role playing to develop the ability of a pursuit leader to conduct in depth conversations with client CXOs

● One-on-one brainstorming/coaching sessions to coach success in your current opportunities and build specific competitive and client strategies


Conducting Effective Client Orals Presentations


This workshop designed to align and coordinate the deal team responses, develop the deal team’s confidence & comradery, and effectively communicate your company’s key differentiators and value that is memorable and will achieve the client’s desired outcomes. Most importantly help the deal team successfully advance to the next stage in the client’s buying process.


Performance Impact:

●  Move the sales pursuit to the next step in the client’s decision-making process

●  Instill confidence in the deal team

●  Improve presentation skills

●  Create a differentiated value proposition and memorable win themes

●  Improve relationships with key client decision maker & influencers

●  Gain a better understanding of the client’s decision criteria & informal decision process

●  Gain additional intelligence about the opportunity

●  Gain insights about the client’s political landscape


Key Deliverables:

Includes the following –

●  Develop the deal team’s orals strategy & tactics

●  Coordinate logistics & deal team member roles and responsibilities

●  Develop and coordinate messaging & win themes

●  Conduct presenter rehearsals and feedback

●  Deal team preparation to position your company in the most favorable competitive light

●  Content review & coordination

●  Coordinate how to handle and answer client questions

●  Post orals debrief and client follow-up plan

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win more deals
uncovering clients political landscape
select right strategy
how to craft deal win themes
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