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  • Sales Leadership Workshop – Creating a Healthy and Successful Sales Environment 

Sales Leadership Workshop – Creating a Healthy and Successful Sales Environment



Sales Leadersare the lynch-pin of a sales organization.  Effective sales leadership helps a sales organization thrive while in-effective sales management leads to a myriad of sales performance issues.  This workshop will expose the difference between sales leadership and sales management and equip participants with the knowledge, skills, methods and processes needed to effectively lead sales teams.


Performance Impact:      

Achievement of revenue & profit targets, build & retain a healthy and competitive sales organization, reduced sales attrition rates, improved win rates, quota attainment, acquisition of new business, improveddeal selection & qualification discipline


Key Deliverables:              

Customized Sales Leadership Training & Skill Development Modules available to address common sales leader performance gaps.


Modules include:

  • Sales Leader Baseline Assessment

  • Leadership vs Management

  • Sales Leader Role & Responsibilities 

  • Leading Change

  • Leading a Sales Team

    • Running Effective Sales Meetings

    • Setting Strategy 

    • Quotas that Motivate

    • Pipeline Analysis, Management & Forecasting

  • How to Create a Sales Plan

  • Talent Development

    • Building a Healthy and Successful Sales Team

  • Assessing Talent

  • Hiring the Right Talent

  • Acclimating New Hires

  • Developing Talent – Individual Development Plans (IDP)

  • Coaching Talent

    • Coaching Methodology

    • Coaching Will, Skill and Tools

    • Pipeline Development & Management

    • Sales Plans – Individual Revenue and Profit Targets

  • Deal Coaching & Evaluation

    • Deal Qualification 

    • Deal Development 

    • Deal Advancement

    • Conducting Effective Deal Reviews

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