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How a Global Business Process Outsourcing Company Amplified its Sales Performance



Genpact is a global professional services firm that delivers digital-led innovation and digitally-enabled intelligent operations for its clients, primarily Global Fortune 500 companies. Genpact has over 80,000 employees and approximately 350 sales professionals across 25 countries.  In 2012, Bain Capital Partners invested $1B in Genpact igniting a new phase of growth that started with a clear definition of their solution portfolio and improvement of their client relationship front end.


In January 2014, EQ2S helped Genpact launch its global sales initiative called Generating Client Impact (GCI).   GCI has played an integral part in Genpact’s sales revenues growth from $2.2B in 2014 to $3B in 2018


Sales Challenges...

  • Low productivity per sales person (as compared to peer group)

  • Poor deal conversion ratios (as compared to peer group)...such as wins/proposals, etc.

  • Low average deal size...with no systematic approach to creating and winning large deals

  • Overly dependent on RFP’s to generate new business, as opposed to pro-actively creating opportunities collaboratively with clients 

  • Salespeople who were always in "tell mode" and selling products...who didn't ask questions, listen, and take a consultative approach

  • Salespeople who were dependent on extremely long PPT presentations that were focused on Genpact...instead of focusing on the customer and their needs

  • Lack of executive relationships at clients...selling to the wrong people at client organizations...and over-rating the strength of relationships that Genpact did have

  • Lack of an effective sales methodology 

  • A very large number of customers with shallow relationships...with no methodology to identify and focus on the right clients with the potential to build large relationships

  • A large set of product offerings. (sold in too many too many industry opposed to selling the right offerings to the right customers in the right locations)


What EQ2S did...

  • EQ2S helped shape Genpact’s overall Sales Transformation strategy

  • As a Trusted Advisor, we helped evaluate and select sales training vendors throughout the transformation journey

  • EQ2S is the longest tenured sales performance firm (5 years+) contracted by Genpact

  • We provided the following services:

    • Sales Consulting

    • Sales and Skill Coaching 

    • Deal Coaching

    • GCI Program Development and Implementation

    • Proactive Deal Creation Sessions

    • Account Planning Sessions

    • Orals Preparation Sessions

    • Sales Certification Creation and Delivery

    • Created Customized Content that includes - Exploratory Conversations, Active Listening, Sales Framework, Sales Leader Playbook to name a few.

    • Constructed and delivered a customized Sales Training Curriculum for the Digital Sales and Pre-Sales Professionals


Results working with EQ2S...

  • Deal Coaching on 50+ deals totaling over $1.5B in Total Contract Value (TCV); Deals won $1.0 B in TCV; Win Rate of 76%.

  • Over $2.0 B in pipeline creation via Proactive Deal Creation and Account Planning Sessions (50+) 

  • Delivering Consultative Sales Training to 500+ sales professionals and 300+ sales support professionals

  • Conducting over 1000 sales coaching sessions 

  • Facilitating over 50 Proactive Deal Creation Sessions

  • Facilitating over 30 Account Planning Sessions

  • Certifying over 100 Sales Professionals and Sales Leaders.


Genpact’s GCI Program has received the prestigious Brandon Hall Award 3 years in a row. The Brandon Hall Excellence Awards recognize the best organizations that have successfully deployed programs, strategies, modalities, processes, systems, and tools that have achieved measurable results.


  • 2015    Bronze - Best Learning Program Supporting a Change Transformation Business Strategy

  • 2016    Silver – Best Program for Sales Training and Performance Silver – Best Certification Program

  • 2017    Silver – Best Program for Sales Training and Performance Gold – Best Certification Program

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