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Growth & Consistent Sales Performance
Rules for the Game of Sales
Qualification Process

Sales Performance Gap Identification & Diagnostic – Identifying Obstacles Impeding Growth & Consistent Sales Performance



Designed to critically examine and analyze the interrelationship of key performance factors that comprise a company’s Sales Ecosystem (see chart below) in order to:

  • identify areas of misalignment that are creating interference towards achieving the company’s desired sales results,  

  • identify what needs to be realigned or maintained to improve performance,

  • confirm known performance gaps and identify undetected performance gaps impacting performance 


Performance Impact:               

Achievement of revenue & profit growth targets, increased sales ROI, alignment of business & sales go-to-market strategy, build a healthy and competitive sales environment, increased sales morale, reduced sales attrition rates, improved win rates, seller & sales leader quota/target attainment, defined roles & responsibilities, process & methodology. 


Key Deliverables:                       

Includes the following - 


  • A Sales Performance Roadmap for Success – includes:

    • recommended set of “high payoff” prioritized actions (most impactful to least impactful)

    • Identified areas of misalignment

    • Identified improvement opportunities

    • Sales organization effectiveness assessment



Aligning Vision, Mission and Values Workshop - Creating Purpose, Direction & Ground Rules for the Game of Sales



Telling sales teams to “just go sell” is a costly strategy.  Employees need answers to these 3 basic questions…

  • Where are we going? – Vision

  • How do we plan to get there? – Mission

  • What are the standards for behavior or rules of the game? – Values

…otherwise any directionwill do, anyway to get it done and any rules will apply creating chaos.  This workshop is designed to close these gaps an align all 3 creating a cohesive, meaningful and purposeful direction for all employees.


Performance Impact:               

Clearly defined purpose, set of goals, shared values & ways of working,achievement of growth objectives, avoidance of costly clients, partners & alliances



Includes the following –

  • Clear definition of your company’s vision, mission and values

  • Communication plan to promote alignment and buy-in at all levels


Building an Effective Sales Strategy Workshop - Identifying Who, What, Where & How You Sell



A practical workshop designed to answer the following critical questions that will provide the necessary direction for sales teams to successfully execute their roles, responsibilities and targets:

  • What do you (want to) sell? 

  • Who do you (want to) sell to? 

  • How do you (want to) sell? 

  • Where do you (want to) sell? 


​Performance Impact:               

Alignment with business strategy to achieve revenue & profit growth targets, defined high level roadmap for selling, acquistion of profitable clients, and improved sales ROI


Key Deliverables:                       

Thoughtful definition and plan of what, who, where and how to sell your company’s products/services. 



Start Pursuing Your Most Profitable ClientsWorkshop - Identify Your Company’s Ideal Client Characteristics 



The age ole sales philosophy of “any business is good business” has become a costly and unprofitable one.  As buyer sophistication continues to intensify, so should your client selection process.  In short, this practical workshop is designed to help identify those prospects that value what you sell and are in need of what you sell.  Most importantly, they represent your most profitable clients, financially and relationally.  


Performance Impact:               

Acquisition of profitable clients,improved margins, longer term relationships, client referrals & references, maximize sales & marketing campaign ROI, improved client lifetime value, and achievement of revenue & profitability growth objectives


Key Deliverables:                       

Includes the following –

  • Identifying the qualitative & quantitative characteristics of your most profitable clients

  • Segmenting clients into 3 tiers (most to least profitable) 


Maximize & Protect Your Investment in Sales – Customized Sales Training Program 



There is no silver bullet, one-size-fits-all sales training programs to solve all the sales problems of a sales organization.  We’ve learned that most sales organizations require a customized approach that includes sales training & skills development to solve sales rep performance gaps 


Performance Impact:               

Improved sales ROI,reduced sales attrition, enhanced sales skills, improved win rates, seller & sales team quota attainment, win new business, achievement of revenue growth targets, a healthy and competitive sales environment, increased sales morale, improveddeal selection & qualification discipline, added value to key stakeholders throughout the buying process, differentiated competitive positioning, differentiated value propositions


Key Deliverables:                       

Customized Consultative Sales Training & Skill Development Modules available to address common sales rep performance gaps include:


Effective Verbal Communication Module

Courses include:

  • Exploratory Conversations

  • Active Listening

  • Understanding Social Styles

  • The Executive Conversation

  • Telephone Etiquette


Effective Written Communication Module

Courses include:

  • Creating a Line of SIIte (Situation-Issues-Impact)

  • Developing a Client Specific Value Proposition

  • Creating Impactful Win Themes

  • How to Differentiate your Offerings

  • Effective Presentations - Pyramid Principle & Story Lining 

  • Email Etiquette 

  • Client Meeting Plan

  • Preparing for a CXO to CXO Meeting


Sales Process & Methodology Module

Courses include:

  • Getting to Know a Buyers Mindset

  • Deal Qualification

  • Sales Stage Fundamentals

  • Competitive Strategies

  • Political Landscape Basics

  • Sales Tools - Revenue Storm’s Relationship Barometer, Pursuit Profiler and Competitive Win Plan


Pipeline Development Module

Courses include:

  • Proactive Deal Creation

  • Creating a Point of View


Finance & Legal Module

Courses include:

  • Fundamentals of Financial Ratio’s

  • Annual Report Basics

  • Terms & Conditions Basics


*Please note – customized sales training and skills development can be created to meet your sales organizations unique performance needs



Drive Adoption & Reinforcement to Maximize Sales ROI - Sales Certification Program



A Sales Certification Program is designed to help protect a company’s investment in sales training, skill development, methods, processes, tools and templates by reinforcing learning’s and behaviors.

Experience has taught us that at a meaningful certification program must include the following phases:

  1. Learning Phase - includes the completion of all coursework and testing

  2. Application Phase - includes the submission of pre-determined artifacts demonstrating the application of all the sales methods, processes and tools in the field

  3. Sold Phase – includes a deal sold which meets a minimum set of pre-determined requirements


Performance Impact:               

Improved sales ROI, retain top sales talent, promote ahealthy sales culture,reinforce desired sales behaviors, reduce sales attrition rates, enhance sales skills, improved win rates, seller quota attainment, win new business, improved sales professionalism



Includes the following:

  • Certification program design

  • Certification requirements

  • Certification communication plan

  • Artifact submission and approval guidelines



Accelerate New Hires Time to Productivity – How to Build a Sales On-Boarding Program 



Designed to equip newly hired sales reps with the knowledge, process, methods, tools, and skills to accelerate their time to productivity.


Performance Impact:               

Accelerated time to productivity, retain top sales talent,promote ahealthy sales culture,reinforce desired sales behaviors, reduce seller attrition rates, enhance sales skills, kick-start building of internal network, initiate understanding of formal and informal ways of working 



Includes the following -

  • Program Design 

  • Customized 90 Day On-Boarding/Acclimation Curriculum & Schedule

  • Communication Plan



Achieve a Greater Return on Investment (ROI) for Deals – How to Build an Effective Deal Qualification Process 



How do you know what deals to pursue?  Pursuing the wrong deals can become a costly mistake while pursing the right deals can result in a profitable client.  A common gap includes sales organizations that either lack a deal qualification process or inconsistently apply the deal qualification process.  Installing a deal qualification process ensures the investment of time and resources to pursue an opportunity are warranted. It also provides the opportunity for real-time coaching, leverages collective experience & insights, exposes problems, provides tactical direction, and provides the ongoing qualification discipline and rigor throughout the sales process.


Performance Impact:               

Acquisition of profitable clients, maximize sales pursuit costs, increase sales conversion/win rates, improved sales ROI, improveddeal selection & qualification discipline, added value to key stakeholders throughout the buying process, differentiated competitive positioning, differentiated value propositions, improved relationship with key decision maker & influencers, improved understanding of decision criteria, improved political alignment and create timely pursuit momentum,improved pipeline quality & reliability, increased client lifetime value, effective use of sales resources




Includes the following -

  • Defined deal qualification process

  • Defined deal qualification criteria (by sales stage)

  • Deal review guidelines

  • Defined deal review format

  • Deal review roles & responsibilities

  • Deal qualifications questions (by sales stage)

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building a effictive sales strat
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