"EQ2S was a key contributor to implementing and sustaining our global sales transformation program.  He assisted with a broad range of services, including content development, deal coaching, and skills coaching. EQ2S received top satisfaction scores from our sales team, and, more importantly, he drove a significant improvement in measurable outcomes! EQ2S is a pleasure to work with...is an expert in both theory and practice...and operates with the highest integrity. 

I strongly recommend EQ2S!" 

Michael C.

Global Sales Transformation Leader, NYSE Business Services Leader

"EQ2S also executed one of our best lead generation campaigns to date that yielded a 24.9% conversion rate versus the typical 15%."


David Greer, CEO


"EQ2S did an outstanding job building and deploying our entire sales operation."

David Armstrong, CEO

Pioneer Strategy Group

"From the ground up EQ2S built a sales program using highly effective step by step processes that generated excellent results."

Rick Doss, President - Southern Region

InnerWorkings (formerly DFMS)

"EQ2S is the type of resource that an organization needs to have "in its corner"

in order to ensure success and exceed expectations."

Raul Arriondo


American Steel Building Company

"EQ2S teachings brought structure and science

to the sales process, and made me reflect

on many of the fundamentals and best

practices that led to my present success."


Russell Williams

Director of Sales

Macedon Technologies

"I’ve found EQ2S facilitation of deal creation and account planning sessions to be immensely

helpful to get my team aligned and focused

on how we can best become a trusted

partner for the client and deliver exceptional value."

Franklin Reynolds

Global Relationship Manager


"EQ2S' experience and consistent, applied approach to building a pipeline and selling at all levels has been beneficial to me professionally and resulted in both financial and organizational success."  


Jim Koppenhaver

Global Sales Leader, Retail Solutions Inc. (RSi)

"This is my third year working with EQ2S and the experience has been transformational. Working with the team has helped me develop as a sales professional and also put a science to the madness of selling."

Shruti Singh

Business Development Manager


 "An intuitive listener who helps the salesperson assess what they know and don’t know at a sophisticated level of thinking, opens up the salesperson’s new thoughts about the

situation and possibilities for the deal. 

High ROI getting any amount of Greg’s time."

Lori Preston

Organizational Performance Consultant 

"EQ2S coaching is transforming the way I sell,

making it more focused on the client’s needs and challenges rather than our capabilities, helping

close more deals and driving differentiation

with focus on value for the client."

Umacharan Iyer

Vice President, Global Relationship Manager

"EQ2S coaching has been immensely useful on changing the mindset of our approach."

Anshuman Mishra

Vice President, Global Relationship Manager


"The coaching Greg has provided has been significant – we have worked together in multiple high-pressure situations, and he is absolutely the first person I add to my list of critical participants in any such circumstances. " 


Peter Woodward

Global Relationship Manager  


"This coaching style of Asking (not telling)

– helped me go deeper to probe myself. I was

able to identify my strengths and work on my

weaknesses. Greg brings and develops a culture

of trust and collaboration to his coaching style."

Subir Gaind

Vice President


"Greg is a role model for other sales people.

He inspires you to do better.Greg is excellent at providing feedback from all points of view.

From internal/client executive leadership down

to the lowest level of leadership he helps guide

the team in what to expect, which allows us to

come to the table fully prepared."

Carrie Thomas

Global Relationship Manager


"Not a day goes by that I don’t utilize the

skills and training acquired from the

EQ2S Sales System."

Zack Thomas

Sales Consultant

InnerWorkings, Inc.

"If you need an effective sales consultant, I would highly recommend to use EQ2S!"

Silvana Rosero


Small Pond Video Production

"EQ2S has been instrumental in

not only my professional growth, but

my personal growth as well."

Briggs Patterson

Sales Professional

"The EQ2S Sales System was instrumental in providing "go to" strategies for approaching new prospective clients as well as penetrating existing clients." 

Lauren Gerard

Sales Consultant

InnerWorkings, Inc.