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sales performance diagnostic

Sales Performance Diagnostic 


The EQ2S Sales Performance Diagnostic analyzes the interrelationship of all 30 performance factors that comprise a company’s Sales Ecosystem:

  • To identify areas of misalignment that are creating interference towards achieving the company’s desired sales results.   

  • To help identify what needs to be realigned or maintained to improve performance

  • To create a Sales Performance Roadmap for Success - includes recommended set of prioritized actions (most impactful to least impactful)








Sales Coaching


Research shows that no other productivity investment comes close to coaching in improving a sales rep’s performance.

EQ2S Sales Coaching provides a practical and disciplined approach designed to reinforce the consultative sales principles, methods and tools at each stage in the selling process.  


Coaching sessions typically include the following topics:

•    Skills Development

•    Meeting Preparation

•    Competitive Strategy

•    Leadership

•    Political Landscape (Internal & External)

•    Change Management

•    Sales Certification

•    Career Advice

•    Personal Agendas and Development

Deal Coaching 


EQ2S Deal Coaching provides a practical and disciplined approach designed to reinforce the consultative sales principles, methods and tools at critical stages in the selling process.


Our seasoned sales professionals help deal teams by:

•    Providing insights 

•    Asking thought provoking questions

•    Providing a client perspective

•    Shaping the Value Proposition

•    Shaping Win Themes

•    Preparing for Orals Discussion

•    Shaping Executive Summaries

•    Selecting Competitive Strategies

•    Developing Political Strategy


Modular Approach to Consultative Sales Training & Skill Development 


With each sales performance transformation we have realized that each sales organization warrants and deserves an approach that addresses their unique training & skill development needs versus a one-size fits all approach.


Based on the output of the sales performance diagnostic, a consultative training and skill development curriculum is customized by selecting pertinent courses from the available modules listed to transform the sales organization. Modules can also be customized to meet the unique needs of a sales organization.


Consultative Sales Training & Skill Development Modules include:


Effective Communication Module

Courses include:

  • Exploratory Conversations

  • Active Listening

  • Understanding Social Styles

  • The Executive Conversation

  • Telephone Etiquette​

  • Presentation Preparedness and Execution


Effective Written Communication Module


Courses include:

o    Creating a Line of SIIte (Situation-Issues-Impact)

o    Developing a Client Specific Value Proposition

o    Creating Impactful Win Themes

o    How to Differentiate your Offerings

o    Effective Presentations - Pyramid Principle & Story Lining 

o    Email Etiquette 

o    Client Meeting Plan

o    Preparing for a CXO to CXO Meeting


Sales Process & Methodology Module

Courses include:

  • Getting to Know a Buyers Mindset

  • Deal Qualification

  • Sales Stage Fundamentals

  • Competitive Strategies

  • Political Landscape Basics

  • Sales Process Mapping to Client Buying Process

  • Sales Tools - Revenue Storm’s Relationship Barometer, Pursuit Profiler and Competitive Win Plan


Pipeline Development Module

Courses include:

  • Proactive Deal Creation

  • Creating a Point of View


Finance & Legal Module


Courses include:

  • Fundamentals of Financial Ratio’s

  • Annual Report Basics

  • Terms & Conditions Basics



Sales Leadership Module


Courses include:

  • Leading Change

  • Creating a Sales Plan

  • Talent Development

    • Assessing Talent

    • Hiring the Right Talent

    • Acclimating New Hires

    • Developing Talent – Individual Development Plans (IDP)

  • Coaching Talent

    • Coaching Methodology

    • Coaching Will, Skill and Tools

    • Pipeline Development

    • Sales Plans – Individual Revenue and Profit Targets

  • Deal Coaching & Evaluation

    • Deal Qualification 

    • Deal Development 

    • Deal Advancement


Sales Certification Program


The Sales Certification Program is designed to help protect a company’s investment in a sales performance transformation journey by reinforcing learning’s and behaviors.


In order to maximize the investment, a meaningful certification program must include the following phases:

  1. Learning Phase - includes the completion of all coursework and testing

  2. Demonstration Phase - includes the submission of pre-determined artifacts demonstrating the use of sales methods and tools while working on a deal(s)

  3. Sold Phase – includes a deal sold which meets a set of pre-determined deal requirements (size and characteristics) 



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