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Small Business Attitude,

Big Business Results

Who We Are

About EQ2S

EQ2S specializes in transforming sales performance. We help companies break through sales plateaus by employing the "science of selling" supported by the "art of selling." 

Since 2005, EQ2S has worked with over 20 different companies across 15+ industries delivering over $1 billion in sales impact.

"Small Business Attitude, Big Business Results"

CONSISTENT sales performance translates into increased bookings, quality pipeline, better margins, higher quota attainment, increased sales morale

We’ve learned that keeping these factors aligned and mutually reinforced is critical for CONSISTENT sales performance

We’ve also learned that companies with INCONSISTENT sales performance typically…

  • Lack an understanding of which factors are out of sync…commission plan not driving desired outcomes/behaviors

  • Exhibit counter-productive behaviorspipeline, forecasting or deal reviews turn into beat down sessions vs. opportunity to help advance the deals

  • Have a misunderstood or poorly defined sales strategylack of clarity regarding how, what, who and where to sell

  • Over burden sales with administrative taskstoo much time, spent on reporting and measuring activities vs. client facing activities

  • Focus on sales training not syncing up the entire sales ecosystemNo sales training for non-sales deal team members

  • Lack consistent communication with the fieldsales reps feel isolated, uniformed and not important.


We’ve learned that companies with CONSISTENT sales performance typically…


  • Recognize the sales function is a critical component of how the company creates value for clientsthe sales team is viewed as a business asset.

  • Manage sales as a processenables organizations to decode and replicate success of their top performers and provides a roadmap for rapidly getting new hires up to speed and productive.

  • Recognize that coaching is a business imperativea successful sales manager coaches their sellers on process, skills, and approaches to increase effectiveness.

  • Manage the right metricscreating equilibrium between analyzing results (which can’t be managed), and coaching optimal activities and behaviors (which can be managed with     great benefit).

  • Have a scientific approach beyond “get out there and sell!”includes ideal client profiles, an understanding of where the best opportunities are likely to be, and what differentiators will be most effective in the market.



Source - Do You Have A World Class Sales Culture? Forbes June 2014



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Gregory T. Wilk has over three decades of sales leadership and sales experience.  As a hands-on leader, his integrity, wisdom and fierce resolve have guided him well in successfully transforming sales organizations for both Fortune 500 and medium/small sized companies.  Mr. Wilk’s experiences in business and life have equipped him to equip others.  Blessed with an uncanny ability to inspire and communicate optimism and hope, he is a seasoned leader gifted with detective instincts uncovering barriers that impede sales. 


In 2005, Mr. Wilk launched EQ2S – Equipped To Sell, LLC a sales performance consulting firm.  Prior to assuming the role of President at EQ2S, Mr. Wilk held the position of Vice President, Sales Operations - Global Sales for EDS a Fortune 500 company with $22B in revenue and over 136,000 employees, he led a team focused on transforming the sales culture, sales processes, sales force automation, sales compensation & recognition, sales recruitment, and sales training worldwide for a sales force of over 500 sales professionals.  


As Executive Vice President, Sales for the Canadian operation of EDS with $1.5B in revenue and over 6,000 employees, Mr. Wilk transformed his first sales organization.  After 12 months Mr. Wilk turned around an underperforming sales organization and increased new business over 400% by restructuring, rebuilding, instilling organizational integrity & discipline, and fine tuning the necessary sales performance engines.  That year the company, which operates in over 40 countries, recognized the Canadian organization as the most improved sales team in the company and Mr. Wilk was invited to become a member the CEO's top 100 worldwide leaders council.


As a sales professional, Mr. Wilk led many successful sales efforts that resulted in over $164 M of new business.  In 1999, he was officially recognized by the CEO as one of the company’s Top Sales Performers and was named an Inner Circle Honoree three years in a row from 1997 to 1999, consistently achieving over 120% of quota.  


Mr. Wilk holds a Master’s of Science degree from the University of Oregon and a Bachelor’s of Science degree from West Chester State College.  His executive education includes the American Graduate School of International Management – Thunderbird School; Southern Methodist University, Edwin L. Cox School of Business - Maguire Oil & Gas Institute and the University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School.                                      



If you are interested in having a friendly exploratory conversation to determine if EQ2S can help your company, please take a moment to contact me directly at 972.670.4278 or send me an email at 


Alternatively, please feel free to fill out the contact form below.





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